Wednesday, February 27, 2019

SHARE YOUR PICTURES! | 2019 Montana Tribal College Fair Circuit!

REMINDER!  SHARE YOUR PICTURES!  |  2019 Montana Tribal College Fair Circuit!

Do not forget to take lots of pictures and share them with us.  This is a great way to share in this wonderful event!

  • When you share your pictures, they will be posted on the website and photo blog!  Mostly, this is a fun way for all of us to share this experience of this Montana circuit and share your experience with each other. 
  • How it works?  It is super easy and fun!
    • Step One

·           Take any pictures of your travels to/from each event.  (These can be pictures of the town, sunsets, other representatives traveling, you on the roadside, roadside landmarks…have fun!)

·           Take pictures on the Tribal College Campuses. 

·           Take pictures during your campus visit and during the relationship building sessions.

·           Take pictures at the fairs! (Students, other representatives, you at your table, etc.)

    • Step Two:

·           How to share your pictures – Just simply send an Email To:

·           Make sure to include your name in this email, so we will know who submitted the pictures.